Lets put an end to illiteracy among our young student athletes and their peers.  There are many high school athletes that cannot attend the college they have always dreamed of attending and playing for because they cannot academically qualify.

Innovatively Improving

Literacy and Lives of Young Student-Athletes and Scholars

     Out of a love for teaching, sports, technology and a genuine concern about youth literacy, a middle school teacher decided to come up with a way to improve the reading/comprehension levels of some middle school student-athletes.
    After working with youth sports organizations and seeing an improvement she decided to work with her students at school whose reading skills were below grade level.   Many of these students felt they did not like reading and considered the school materials boring and difficult.
      Realizing that the students knew the stats and other information of many middle and high school athletes around town from reading AL.Com, the local online newspaper and other youth sport sources, the teacher decided to create a digital newsletter about one of the students in the school who played little league football.  After attending his game, taking pictures and interviewing him, a one-page newsletter and a quiz were posted on the school's computers for the students during their technology class.  The response was a spectacular experience for both the teacher and the students. The students were engaged and looked up words they did not know online using the embedded link to dictionary.com. The academic response was so great that other articles were created on students outside of the school and the students wanted more not realizing they were learning an advanced vocabulary.  The purpose of this digital youth sports magazine is to strengthen youth reading skills before and through middle school. This magazine demonstrates the understanding that students learn visually, auditorially and hands-on.  This magazine covers an open area of teaching kids through their technology.

The P.L.A.Y.S. (Promoting Literacy Among Youth Sports) has now incorporated a motivational program called G.R.A.D.E.S. where Sonia speaks to youths about setting Goals, building a good Reputation, their Action choices have consequences, being Determined to succeed, their Efforts and becoming Successful individuals.